Monday, March 19, 2007

In the shop

Hopeless Love

and Hopeless Love, formerly known as washing line and fence (much nicer titles now, don't you think?) are now in the shop. I've just realised that they are very much yin-yang; Spring being very hopeful and Hopeless Love being a little melancholy.

The text on Spring says:

"The hopes we all place in the spring" she said

The text on Hopeless Love says:

Hopeless love had dominated his life. "Yes. I feel that" he said.

I'm beginning to hope these two birds find each other some day soon!


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  1. Francesca,
    Your work is so charming!It absolutely shows that you love what you do...I must get over to your shop this week and make a purchase!Keep up the fabulous and inspiring work!


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