Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Being the sort of person who can't walk past a house with the curtains open and lights on without having a nose (yes, very nosy), I love to look at people's sketchbooks. As well as seeing how different people work, I love seeing the germ of an idea come to fruition.
I would say I'm a scribbler, then I gather all the best bits and tidy up. I like using these square, brown paper books from Paperchase because they are mid-tone so you can darken or highlight.

I have a lot of my best ideas lying awake in the middle of the night and I always keep my moleskine notebook by my bed so I can scribble them down.

I've been using the 'Mrs Eliot' book for inspiration since art college. Here are some sketchbook pages from back then that are inspiring me now.

We have On my desk, and the Sneak Peek series on Design Sponge so what about an 'In my book' blog?

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