Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cinema Eye, Cinema Ear

In my sudden spate of finishing books, I have also completed Cinema Eye, Cinema Ear; another 'Books from my Bookshelf' book.

I took all the text from pages 102 - 105, in a chapter about the films of Luis Bunuel; it's nice sometimes not to labour too much on finding the right text and just go with your instinct.
Some of this text jumped out at me because it
immediately inspired me visually (such as Katharine Hepburn and the butterflies), some of it for the numbers (I love numbers) and some for the brackets (I particularly like this punctuation!). Also I just like how peculiar it is and how, strangely, it all seems to work. By the way, I found the picture of Katharine Hepburn knitting before I spotted the related text...another happy accident.

Again, I've used some of my lovely papers to create more texture, the ball of wool (actually a found image of a doily) is printed onto some wool paper and I've sewn straight onto some thin tracing paper to create the trail of wool.


  1. ok. so you have me can't place butterflies, katherine, knitting and a doily all together and then not place it in the it going in? i've hopped over there and didn't see it :(

  2. oh, you've just been over to my blog...and i have been visiting yours!! here is my email address you let me know if this book is up for sale...i have decided after these past months of hard work and now the newspaper article, that i should treat myself. and i have admired your 'little books' from almost day one of joining Etsy. i have never seen anything else like them, and i love where you get your inspirations and how you apply it...i'm off to bed now and shall sleep with my fingers crossed hoping that this 'little book' is mine :)

    thanks Tif

  3. so beautiful, it's good to be back online so i can see what you're up to....


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