Tuesday, June 26, 2007

3 Eggs

Here is my finished '3 Eggs', another larger piece.

This egg has been printed onto my current favourite paper, embossed vintage wallpaper, and the doily motif went through various incarnations before becoming this simple dotty shape, printed onto some blossom-patterned tracing paper. The bird is slightly raised - I like adding different dimensions to pieces so they become very tactile.

This text is taken from The Go-Between, another recurring theme in my work. This book affected me greatly when I read it and when I was thinking of text to use for this piece, this popped into my head. I like the idea of these birds making a plan to meet!

These two eggs are made from a very thin, delicate, almost straw-like paper and they've been painted pale blue.

3 Eggs is in the shop.


  1. your use of colour is so delicate & beautiful, very inspiring in deed.

  2. what is this i find...where are all the comments that should read

    "fabulous colors"...

  3. ooh i have found some more comments...

    " i like birds and bird eggs "

  4. and another

    " i am particularly attracted to mustardy yellows and blues "

  5. " i like the delicate nature of your pictures that you are working on at the moment "

  6. i will miss you and your little pictures and books...

    have a lovely July and i really do like this picture a whole lot...

    ta ra...

  7. Thank you Tif, what a lovely suprise! Especially since you are meant to be taking a blog break!


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