Sunday, June 24, 2007

4 Apples - original paper on wood piece

I've finished 4 Apples, my first original paper on wood piece. As I was working on my book inspired by my Granny's recipe book and started playing around with the wallpaper patterns and the apples, I realised I wanted to make a bigger, single piece to give the shapes and colours more space.

The text is taken from my Granny's book, which includes recipes and notes. I've used pencil here and I like the way it's scratched into the paint a little.

These repeat motifs are cut from different papers, including natural Japanese papers and craft card, and printed with different patterns and text. This motif reminds me of apple peel...another happy accident.

The apples are also different patterned papers and the green apple is slightly raised.

I don't really want to let it go but I have just popped it in the shop.


  1. i am totally enthustiastic for the colors and shapes in this piece of work..and the theme of apples...probably what i like the most is your granny's that her writing..i have all my granny's old letters etc from when she was young and at art school... i love to look at the handwriting...

  2. i'm afraid it's not her handwriting tif, mainly because her writing is totally unreadable to anyone but family, just like mine! I chose a joined up handwriting font and copied it in a naive style, which I think works well with pencil.

  3. The 'apple peels' are lyrical and lovely; I'm also reminded of eggs, cookies, an abacus....

  4. very good...i like it and they should rename that font 'granny's handwriting'...i will start a petition as soon as i find my 'lost hours in a day'..


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