Sunday, June 10, 2007

Badly drawn dog

As you can see I'm not very good at drawing animals, especially from memory. I seem to have given this dog cat's legs, and it doesn't help that he's not any particular breed. Anyway, I'd like to use him (or a better drawn dog) in another book I'm working on (I've had to put Snow on hold as I'm still waiting for my antique paper doilies to arrive). I found the perfect page in Sarane Alexandrian's Surrealist Art. I just opened it at a random page and
popped out. Then


Sometimes that's all it takes to get the images darting around in my head.
I love the word 'constellations' and what it evokes, especially when it is printed in italics for some reason.


  1. ohhh thank you for adding me to you your blog Francesca, I've just added your pretty blog to mine.

  2. ooh, i like that dog because a)it isn't any particular doggie pure bred and b) cause it is better than i could do...may i also add that i love the apples below and why is it everything you make, i wish i had...obviously shows how good you are at doing your thing with books, words and illustrations...and that's not just me saying it, my friend Debbie completely agrees with me! she's just not here to say it that's i said it for her..

  3. oooh, and have you changed your header, because i really like it..if it's always been there, then i apologize for not noticing before, i was distracted by the other lovely things...if it's new, then i think it's lovely like everything else ( and no i have not been drinking margaritas, i'm just in a good mood!)

  4. thank you ladies, yes it is a new header, the old one was just a standard blogger header. i might change it once in a while. and i think you have indeed been on the margaritas.

  5. Just found your blog via Happy Cavalier, and think your dog is super cute! He looks like a sad little thing you'd find by the railroad tracks and take in because he's too cute not to.


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