Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bell Pig Cup

So this is how my getting along book turned out. It's called 'Bell Pig Cup' and I'm really happy with it, it's so cheery! So...'s also a print...

...and greetings cards!

All in the shop.


  1. okay so i will be gone by the time you get this...but i just have to let you know that i really like how this one turned out..

    the little wooden book is perfect for a gift, especially for a new baby or christening...and i really like the print and the cards..

    very cheery and bright, i think the cards would look great framed up in a kids room...or a kitchen

    right off to sit on my suitcase and not think about flying..


  2. It's lovely! I'm so pleased to see how you used that beautiful looping handwriting pattern.
    Oh, and by the way, I'm finally getting around to posting off my prizes today! Sorry about the delay.

  3. Wonderful! I am impressed by your work. Will bookmark you asap.

  4. Oh! How sweet! I wish I were a little mouse, then I could use it as a room divider! Do you do anything like this on a fully-grown human scale? Please?

    Well done in any case, lovely :)

  5. hello! i'm saying hi, and to let you know that i came across your blog 'cos of my pal anna (commented above) she's got brill taste, i LOVE your work, it's so special and delightful.


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