Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm a Lady - Commissioned piece

Here is one of the commissions I've been working on, which is now safe to show.

It was commissioned as a wedding present for the lovely Melinda over at Miss Woolly. (It was actually Melinda who got me into this blogging/etsy lark so thank you and congratulations!)

Text-wise I was commissioned to find 'something about ladies' and while racking my brains I suddenly remembered I'd already made a note of the perfect text. It reads-

"Whatever I am, I'm not bourgeois...and I'm a lady to my fingertips!"


  1. thanks my love
    the lady loves it!

  2. Apparently, you can tell a true lady by the state of her hands! Mine certainly speak volumes about me!

  3. not sure whether you have been tagged in the past...but i have at last got round to finishing my epic tagging and i'm passing it on...

  4. Oh lovely Fran, I do love it indeed. It's sitting on my window sill and it makes me very happy. xox


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