Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I’ve been mad about pattern since I discovered Matisse at school and I especially love his still lifes and studies of his studio with lots of different fabrics and textiles sitting together in the background. I love one pattern ending and another beginning.

Last weekend I spent some time in Sussex and visited Charleston, the home of artist Vanessa Bell and hang-out of the Bloomsbury Set. It was so inspiring; lots of beautiful textiles, very ahead of their time, hand-painted patterned walls instead of wallpaper, curtains made of 2 different fabrics then sewn together, it was all completely breathtaking. Since then, pattern has been at the forefront of my mind.

Above is an example from a wonderful book I have called Writing and Writing Patterns by Marion Richardson, first published in 1935. The patterns are slowly working their way into my work.

And while working on my last piece, I was collecting all the off-cuts and suddenly saw how pretty they looked together, so I am also playing around with these dots.

I'm using all this new pattern inspiration for some new work including a book inspired by my old ‘getting along book’ from nursery school. I love the simple graphic pictures and words so I want to take them and put my own spin on them.

And here's a snippet from another larger piece (wretched birds...they won't leave me alone!).


  1. very excited about this - i remember that nursery school book and love it. may have to make another purchase!

  2. tell me is that your coloring from when you were little...if so i am very impressed and no doubt your school report read something like this..
    "Francesca shows great potential in coloring, i am sure she will go far in a career with books and colors" :)

  3. that is indeed my colouring in at age 3.

  4. I LOVE those writing patterns!

  5. Me to love those writing patterns!


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