Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sshhh...I've been tagged, don't tell anyone

There I was, trying to be all enigmatic by not revealing anything too personal on here (yes I realise that is what a real blog is for) and bloomin' Tif, my favourite vintage slip-wearing blogger with what is possibly the best name I've ever heard (I won't reveal it here but trust me, it's like something from Dickens - in a good way) has tagged me. So I am cornered and must reveal 7 random/interesting/or just facts about myself.
Luckily, I am a list person:

1: I love lists, I couldn't really survive without my lists, which I don't think is very good for the memory because when I'm popping to the shops and my husband asks me to get him something and I don't write it down, I will invariably forget it and say "Sorry, it wasn't on the list".

2: Being a pretty private person, I find it hard to 'share' on my blog. However, I do have an alter-ego who loves to share and I find it very easy and fun to write as her.

3: I really really love Columbo. I don't know anyone else who loves Columbo as much as me (although I must stress, only series up to around 1978. I am not down with 80's Columbo). I have been known to visit this site and, yes, that is my Columbo keyring pictured, which my husband got me from ebay.

4: I know all the lyrics from Guys and Dolls since I saw the original 1982 National Theatre production when I was 9. I'm trying to get my son into it. He's only 18 months. I don't think he's interested.

5: I have started to say 'wretched' and 'blimey' a lot since my son is at the mimicking stage and I can't swear anymore. I say 'blimey' in a variety of ways though which covers several different situations.

6: I am a little obsessed with talk radio, or LBC to be precise and I often go to bed with Clive Bull. I don't really like admitting that as I see it as a station for shall we say, slightly older people of the fruitcake variety...and then I take a look at myself and wonder...

7: Once, my husband and I had a very long and dull conversation about towels. Now anytime one of us is going on and on about something tedious and the other one wants to stop it, they will say 'Towels!'.


  1. ah ha! i have succeeded in getting the lovely Francesca to talk about need to live in the states, they rerun Columbo all the time...and i knew you had an alter ego, i just needed it confirmed and i just love that...

    between your two blogs you have always maintained an air of mystery, but not anymore...teehee

  2. yes, that's evil, you're out of the closet now!
    love the idea of you singing g & d songs to your son, must try that with mills, i'll start early!
    so is towels the new smiths talk?

  3. smiths talks and towels are very similar, except i like to think of the smiths talk as more of a long drawn out explanation of something.

  4. Towels! That made me laugh... but I can imagine it being quite useful...


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