Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Currently working on...

I am always working on several things at once and, as I'm sure a lot of you know, things get put on the back burner while you get on with selling, promoting, packaging, blogging, posting, feeding babies and swinging in the hammock (most important!). These rooftops have been in my sketchbook for quite a while and I've been trying to make use of them.
So since there is nothing finished to show you, here's Can you hear me? in draft form.

And I'm going to stop apologising for using birds all the time...I am drawn to them and how their characters change depending on what they're saying and how they're feathers are coloured. These fellows may yet change, although I am liking the colour combinations so far.
Below, more handwriting patterns.


  1. You have very beautiful creations! AND ...what a lovely blog!

  2. I love it. Those handwriting patterns get me every time.

  3. your stuff is adorable and why is it so that we often think that we should do other things that we do- like you and your birds, I often feel the same way about my little faces that I always come up with:)

  4. i'm back...and just in time i see, if you had posted much more i would never have caught up...

    i am enjoying catching up whilst listening to 'the feeling', our fav band to play in the house at the moment...

    as usual lovely pictures and i do so like the roof tops, i would love to see pictures of your inspiration/doddling/designs/ideas book, i bet it is beautiful...

  5. Don't stop using birds, I love them, I love this piece, the blue/grey of the birds and the muted yellow patterns are lovely.


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