Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I've got a sense of humour you know

This is how my 'tower of eggs' turned out..."I've got a sense of humour you know."

It's another original piece of different papers and pencil on white painted birch.

I really like using pencil on this bright white paint and the contrast between the colourful and textured papers and the stark simplicity of the drawn birds.


  1. hey francesca, thanks for you comments! just to let youknow tigerprint are planning to have lots more comps in the future, the next one is for a wedding card. i did write that in my original post but it got lost! i lost the will to live with blogger and just rewrote the essentials :)

  2. This piece is just beautiful - I'm not sure what I love more - the birds or the colours you've used! It's all wonderful!

  3. Thanks for your enthusiasm! It's new for me to draw freehand, straight onto the wood so I'm glad you like the piece.

  4. i should have mentioned how beautiful this piece is in my last comment. gorgeous!
    re: moo cards, mine have come out quite dark compared to the originals, but strangely the stickers from the same pics are fine. your work will be stunning on both! :)

  5. thankyou francesca, yet again for your comment. i'm *trying* to find a spare minute of time to get some more done, but summer holidays + two small children = not much time to work! :)


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