Sunday, July 22, 2007

A little post about film titles

I have always been very inspired by film title sequences, the ability to tell a visual story within a couple of minutes (maybe this seeps into my books in some way - wanting to illustrate a story or just a few words in 3 small pages).
The king of title design was Saul Bass and I am very drawn to his graphic, modernist style. Below is one of my favourites, Vertigo.
I love how he's interpreted the feeling of vertigo by using the hypnotic Spirograph swirls and it is further enhanced by the bewitching and evocative score by Bernard Hermann which melds perfectly with the sequence.

Some other favourite title sequences are Anatomy of a Murder, (also Saul Bass) Seven, (Kyle Cooper) and Catch Me if You Can (Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas).


  1. wow, perfect music and imagery. great post. so interesting to see where different artists get their inspiration from.

  2. Yeah, it's interesting how they evolved over the decades from plain words stating plain facts to fantastically imaginative visual creations in their own right.


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