Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Can you hear me?

Here's the finished Can You Hear Me?

You all must be bored stiff of my china collection by now but it's the best place to shoot my books and I like to show them on a shelf with other favourite knick-knacks, so people can visualize how they look in a home. Also I am a complete 'porslinsfreak' (a wonderful word I picked up over at happysilly, one of my favourite Swedish blogs).

I'm working on a print too so I will hopefully pop them in the shop later on.


  1. Hi! the book is fantastic! And remember that we poslinsfreak have to stick together, some understand us some don´t!:)

  2. hi, "puss" means like a friendly kiss! "puss och kram" means kiss and hug!

    Keep up your homework

    ...we say "kyss" in swedish when it´s between lovers!

  3. i love how this one turned out, i think i'm going to buy the print.

  4. Amy C. Wilson8/09/2007 9:10 PM

    It's beautiful on your teacup shelves! I love it. And I love those shoes on the shelves too, very intriguing...:-)

  5. Thank you so much ladies, and thank you sara for today's swedish lesson.

    The shoes are by a book artist called...Hilary Judd, I think. She illustrated her whole shoe collection and made these lovely little shoe boxes. I bought it at the London Artists Book Fair last year, I'll do a post on this year's fair nearer the time.


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