Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A group of birds is called a flock

Sometimes I am inspired by books without even knowing it. While I was working on this print I was calling it 'A group of birds is called a flock' and I have just realised that it comes from one of my little boy's Baby Einstein books called 'Birds'.

The print features many of the birds I've used in my books and prints over the past year. I don't normally use hearts in my work for fear of them being twee (I am very anti-twee and hope nothing I make is ever seen as twee). However, this heart just seemed to work and I'm hoping that it's blackness will lower the twee factor a few notches. It's in the shop.


  1. it is in no way twee and is truly lovely

  2. thank you all for your anti-twee support!

  3. great print! loving the all around bird motif :)


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