Thursday, September 13, 2007

Birthday nostalgia

Play With Us

I bought these two Ladybird books on a trip to Brighton a couple of months ago. I got them to add to my collection and for inspiration, although my little boy has discovered them and now I have to read Peter & Jane, Play With Us at least 3 times a day (yawn).

I love the illustrations, by W.H Wingfield, they're so detailed. They seem very 50s but Play With Us was published in 1964, only 9 years before I was born. I can't believe I was born so close to this era.

Play With Us

The Park, published in 1975 feels more familiar but it still seems like 'the park that time forgot'.

The Park

I think of the 70s as the last really old fashioned era. When we all still used milkmen, and the rag & bone man collected our unwanted junk and little girls played with skipping ropes in the park. I see the 70s as closer to the 40s than the 80s, in the 80s everything changed.

Does everyone get like this on their birthday?!

Anyway, I can be very thankful for this gorgeous Lucienne Day tea towel I got today. He knows me so well!


  1. Oh yes, I completely 'get' your nostalgia. I adore my old ladybird books and my kids love reading them too and talking about the pictures and what is was like living in 'the olden days'! The gender stereotyping and sexism is quite fascinating to look back on. Love your tea towel. Happy Birthday.

  2. Happy birthday!! So, we're both virgos. (I was born 4 years and 11 days before you.) I'm of that era, in other words. Just about...

    I love the tea towel! Saw it in Elle Decoration on my way home from London. Could have kicked myself. I didn't get around to the two great shops you tipped me about either. (Long story). Oh, well. There's always next time.

    Hope you're celebrating in style today :-)

  3. happy birthday old gal :)!
    and a man that buys a lucienne day anything is for keeps in my book!

  4. a trip down memory lane for sure..i had the 'play with us' book and loved it so much i had to color and write in it...
    happy share the same day as my dearly departed dog from my childhood days, isn't that lovely to the same month as me. i am feeling really nostagic this time around...even got all the old photos out to look over and remember...i think that tea towel alone is worth adding another year to your age...

  5. Wow! Peter and Jane brought back memories. They taught me to read in the 60s! Lovely to see them again!

  6. Happy Birthday! I love that teatowel. Such a simple but effective use of a two-colour print.

  7. a belated happy birthday and thanks for the trip down memory lane!


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