Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How my horses are coming along

This is how my horses are coming along. It's an illustration at the moment but it may become a single piece or a book or a triptych. Going to play around with it a little. The text is from Sarane Alexandrian's Surrealist Art, which I was first going to use in this book (you may remember my badly drawn dog)...

...but that text never quite fit with my little dog so it's back to the drawing board for page three at least.


  1. Love the little dog! Jack Russell terrier? The best there is :-) And not badly drawn at all.

  2. my goodness, too long since I was last here, such treasures you've been making, buying, swapping. Reading your swap post (love that cushion!) I realised maybe we could swap books some time. I've still never put any of my books on my blog but I'm building the courage to show more of myself (workwise) by starting to drag out old college work. I've found SO many of my handmade books and sketchbooks and once I document them all digitally I've decided to do finally let go of many to create some space in my house to make new work. When the time comes, if you're interested, I'd love to have you on my swap list! Wish I could come to the book fair next month to see your work in person. In fact, wish I could jump on a bus with my boxes and boxes of old books and set up a table myself - what fun, I so much miss that sort of thing. All the best swaps I ever did were from trade shows and craft fairs, swapping with other exhibitors. Have a great time, I know you will, and doubtless there will be many new contacts made with far flung people who have interesting address for you to post too.


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