Sunday, October 14, 2007

A quickie from Origin

Just a quickie with some links from Origin, the London Craft Fair, which I popped into on Sunday.

Lucy May Schofield, a wonderfully talented book artist.

Bethan Lloyd Worthington, gorgeous ceramics.

And something for tea towel lovers everywhere - Teresa Green.

And talking of gorgeous ceramics, I won this on ebay last night and I can't quite control my excitement, especially because I got in there right at the last minute and pipped five other last minute bidders to the post (sorry bidders, but don't mess with me on ebay, especially when it involves Stig)!

I had been watching it for a while and wondering if I could stretch to it. Then we went for a walk in the woods and lots of these were looking at me -

- and one shouldn't ignore these signs.


  1. oohh that's so beautiful, well done you crafty pipper to the post!

  2. that's exactly how i won my lovely Mabel...and i can totally see why you had to have it!

  3. oooh and may i just add, i would love to one day go to the Origin craft fair...sadly it is not at the right time of year for me. i do like Teresa Green and her tea towels, just wishing i could find her here...

  4. Ohhhh - I am just a little bit jealous! Actually, I'm very happy for you - well done you! I love this pattern. I have two Berså plates and keep meaning to hunt for more...

  5. it was obviously meant to be! Hi by the way, I'm new to this blogging lark but love your books, and have stuck you on my blog as a lovely blog, hope you dont mind...

  6. Gasp! You lucky, lucky thing! I am utterly green! Well done.

  7. that jug should be everyone's right ;) thanks for your comment on my blog. i agree with you about the traditions. added you to my linklist, hope you don't mind.

  8. ooh, you've got a beauty there. well done, you must have been so pleased! I have one too, also from ebay but the glaze is really worn in parts - the photos weren't entirely forthcoming with that on screen! I secretly fantasise that I'll find another one in a charity shop... I think this fantasy may remain just that - it would be such a long shot!


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