Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Shiny Squirrel

A quick note to say The Shiny Squirrel Boutique is now open. I have 4 books for sale there. They were designed especially for The Shiny Squirrel, and are editions of five.

ps. my name is spelt wrong in the artist directory on the site, something I am very used to by now, but I will try to put it right!

One More Chapter





  1. These are totally fab! I love your trees, especially the one cut from a book page!
    They remind me of that classic Monty Python sketch with "something completely different - The Larch"!

    Also, I challenge you to a jumble challenge...what say we both go to a jumble sale in our area and compare finds on our blogs? Get looking in the back of your local paper Mrs, I am throwing down the jumbling gauntlet! :D

  2. blimey! what a challenge! i think there's a monthly one up the road, and i have to say, it may be worst jumble sale ever in the world but i like a challenge. i'll look into it and yet you know.

  3. I have been having a bit of blog exhaustion lately, so haven't been checking in much. But thanks for all your comments, and congrats on all the great things happening. The book fair sounds so exciting, and the launch of Shiny Squirrel too! Hope it all goes super well.

  4. These are gorgeous, I especaily like 'Trees'
    Mandy :)

  5. hey francesca! thanks for the comment yes i am loving blogging, but not as much as your art..especially these books!
    so simple..but classy and divine!
    katie :)


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