Monday, October 22, 2007

Swap success and two new stockists

The postman delivered a real beauty the other day. I happened to comment on Janet's blog that I loved one of her cushions so when she offered me a swap I jumped at the chance. (Must try that more often!)

I really love the mixture of textures and the feel of the wool blanket, just like the ones I used to sleep under at my granny's house. I am also a fan of that kind of naive writing which she has stitched using her sewing machine. Right up my street. Thank you Janet for a great swap!

I added two new stockists to my list recently. Pulp which opens in Omaha, Nebraska in November and MyMy an online and 'real' shop in Hatboro, Pennsylvania.

It's lovely thinking of my work all over the world,
I love writing the labels on my packages, all the different languages, street names and towns. Zwolle, Nesoddtangen, Sammammish etc...


  1. oh thank you so much,
    you are very very welcome!
    such a beautiful blog!

  2. now now f, you made those names up didn't you?
    well done

  3. how rude auntie p! yes and i did their websites too, don't you know i'm a whizz at html!

  4. It looks great- thanks for the praise and the link!

  5. no no, i must protest...i live in Sammamish, and i'm not made up...

  6. Ha! I was just going to comment on how much I like the blackbird, but then I recognized Zwolle and have to add that it really is a little Louisiana town, famous for hot tamales.

  7. these cushions are gorgeous I've just asked about commissioned pieces, fingers crossed.
    M x

  8. yeah, lucky you, it is a very nice cusion, what did you swap it with?

  9. i swapped it with one of my prints...or two. i can't remember now!


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