Monday, November 12, 2007


Heather did a great post on her Elle Deco South Africa blog about the mini trend for houses. I wanted to add some more house inspiration. This pic from December's Elle Deco UK - Hus cushion cover by

These lovely windows and shutters from The Red Balloon.

And my own view from my sitting room window.


  1. I saw that house cushion too and it made me think of the Marimekko house fabric. I'm toying with making some winter cushion covers from it. And the Red Balloon... it was my father's favourite film as when he was young, that he, in turn, introduced me to when I was little. You've made me want to track it down and watch it again!

  2. goodness me, you've read my mind...when i saw that in elle deco, i immediately thought of heather's mini trend thing too! i guess the design blog world is a pretty small one.

  3. Love that! I've had so many ideas from people who read the trend, I reckon I need to do an update!

  4. Hi!

    I think I haven't left a comment before (if I have, that's great). I really enjoy your work and your way to write. I would like to pass on the Shibumi award to you. See my blog for details.

    Have a nice day!

  5. i love the colors in that cushion with the houses!

  6. I love the top pillow. I hope you are doing well and everything is going great for your business.


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