Monday, November 05, 2007

Lena Corwin & Sasek

A quickie post to say thank you to Lena Corwin. One of my travel plates got lost in the post so she sent me two for my patience! A very generous lady and so lovely because it took me so long to decide which of her travel plates I wanted to buy in the first place.

I think I'm drawn to them because they remind me of these wonderful Miroslav Sasek illustrations from the This is New York (London, Rome, Paris etc) series. On my wish list for many many moons.

p.s. (3 days later) my blog is one year old today! (well, today is the 8th, it was it's birthday on the 5th. I missed it. Typical!)


  1. lovely plates.
    those books are also on my wish list, i loooove them!

  2. i totally agree, lovely plates...

  3. it's a wonderful compliment to have my illustrations compared to Sasek! thank you! his books are amazing. i think i have definitely been influenced by his drawing style.

    i hope you enjoy the plates for many, many years!


  4. Congrats on your first year anniversary! It is always a pleasure to visit and see what you have been up to!


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