Sunday, November 18, 2007


I was talking to my husband about my little boy's nap yesterday, closed my eyes for a minute and thought: I want to scan my tights! (as you do). So I did. With my legs still in them.

I have a few different versions but this one immediately reminded me of light coming through the roof at St Pancras Station or Crystal Palace.

And I love the contrast and the texture in this one.

One of the things I'm really looking forward to after the book fair is having the time to experiment again.


  1. ...and what better way to while away a few minutes than to scan your tights!
    Actually, the results are pretty wonderful. Who'd have thought it!?

  2. What better way to get an image a lovely pair of tights? I would have done it the same way! Which reminds me how much fun can be had with a scanner. (Sadly mine died recently and need replacement.)

    Love the visual connection you made to the old British railway roofs.

  3. Love this! Wish I could have seen the gymnastics that must have been involved!

  4. yeah, i can see teh resemblems between those pictures, never saw it this way!

  5. Enjoyed the tights thing! How lovely to go on a random creative journey!


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