Sunday, December 30, 2007

And now...the news, a small rant and a small Rand.

Hooray! Etsy heads list of websites to look out for in 2008... (from The Guardian, Christmas Eve. Click articles to read.)

...And then there was this from the Shopping supplement of The Guardian a few weeks ago. Have a read and see what you think...

I am not officially a 'crafter' myself and I certainly consider myself a feminist but I do feel compelled to stick up for my talented crafter friends. I am getting a bit sick of crafters getting stick just because they are doing what was once considered something only lowly women did to pass the time of day, while all the men were at work. This is so shortsighted. Can't we please look beyond the knitting needles cliche and see that women are starting their own businesses and making their own money; gaining a confidence they may not have had before and changing their lives for the better. I find it a very odd feminism that doesn’t support that.

Bloody Nigella!

And now for something completely different. Paul Rand Tribute video via Heather via Grain Edit. Happy New Year!


  1. thanks for your welcomewords on my a warm and soft coat for my heart. Happy happy new year to you!

  2. Bravo! And a great way to dive into the new year....Thanks!

  3. Germaine was on "Grumpy Old Women" the other night saying she 'hates craft'. I get fed up with craft being put down all the time. At art school if your work is called crafty, it's the kiss of death. But if you look, for example, at the magazine of Fibre Forum, you see some better art than is coming out of the art schools (and I am not a textile artist).

  4. i know, craft is still a bit of a dirty word, but hopefully that's gradually changing.

  5. Well said!

    Happy New Year - Best wishes for a wonderful year ahead!

  6. thanks for sharing those articles - great resource material - especially good to read as an Australian

  7. Humph, I quite agree. I mean the point is, we're choosing to do this stuff, aren't we? That's so different from having to sit and stitch all day.
    Cheers, and happy new year,

  8. happy new year!!

    hope this year is fantastic for you. i look forward to seeing the ideas and art you come up with this year! :)

  9. Fab to see etsy in the Guardian! And agree with your feminist take on crafting, all the silly twitter about how making your own handicrafts is a step back to the dark ages and a sign of Nigella-style submission to some sort of drudgery really gets on my nerves.

  10. Thank you for posting these articles, they make interesting reading. I think Heather has it spot on that the point is we want to do it! I think its an exciting time to be crafting (and as an art school graduate who had that 'kiss of death' its a refreshing change to be able to make what I want with out being critcised (too much!) for it)

    Heres to hand made :)

  11. agghhh, paul rand...should have been knighted!

    I used to show this to my design students!


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