Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Christmas...Holidays...Whatever...

You know those happy accidents we like? Well, here's another. I was scanning my white snowflake cut outs and they didn't come out because they were white and so is the scanner back board (duh!) so I put my tax return notes over them and scanned again.

I think this teal is such a gorgeous colour and it really sets off the sharpness of the scissor cuts and the wintry feel. So here is a new print, Snowflakes 1. Thank you HM Revenue & Customs!

Happy Christmas...Holidays...Whatever xxx


  1. Sissi MinanaƤ12/20/2007 8:57 PM

    do you know this?!!!
    since I discover it I cut an cut and cut snowflakes everywhere at home…
    will post soon about it!

  2. anais, that's the best thing ever! i will link to your blog when you post about it.

  3. Looks great. Happy Christmas to you too Francesca!

  4. I wish you a happy Christmas too! And i love the snowflakes...

  5. Merry Christmas!

  6. oooh love teal.
    happy christmas f

  7. Great use for a tax return - and well done for being able to see past the taxing purpose to which it's been put!
    Hope you had a very happy Christmas too.


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