Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lovely sentences I've come across #2

Rosalie Gascoigne
Interview with Stephen Feneley, 1997

Rosalie Gascoigne has been my favourite artist since I saw her show at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in '97. If you don't know her, this site has her story and some wonderful quotes like this one:

She didn't have her first show until she was 57. Late beginners take note!


  1. ma always tells me i hang the washing out wrong - maybe there's hope for me yet!

  2. there's always hope auntie p. crazy ole ma! x

  3. I have always taken great hope from Rosalie Gasgoine's late good to see!

  4. i started young but not blossomed yet so i'm hoping that will be the next stage, it's always great to hear of late bloomers.

    thanks for popping by my blog, always fun to have you visit and thanks so much for the complements on my work, you had me blushing.

    congrats on 100th order, yee hah! I so much wish I lived near sometimes as I'd love to go to the book fair...I'd love even more to be IN the book fair! I'm impressed by your buying restraint, I'd probably go mad and buy things I really couldn't afford.

    re The Red Balloon. I loved it too, and you are right about the selective memory, I had forgotten bullies but fully remembered the roundness, the redness, the magicalness and the French-ness. Oh, and the cuteness of his little running legs. Thanks for bringing back fond memories.

    For anyone who doesn't know it...

  5. You have been tagged.If you don't like this game,feel free to ignore my comment,otherwise visit my blog for more info.
    p.s.I love your work

  6. Thank you for good quotes and bringing a new artist to me. Thanks also for the encouragement. Lucy Rie, Dame with time, was also a late starter, now I have two role models, nice nice.


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