Friday, December 14, 2007

Tagged #3

I’ve been tagged again, this time by Kris of color-stripes. Which at least gives me the opportunity to mention her wonderful, original blog, which I find quite absorbing.

So here goes…I’ve killed a man, I smoke crack…only teasing.

1) I used to make tiles. I had a plan to have a kiln in our garage, but what with the travelling and the baby it never came to fruition. Maybe when I’m 57, like Rosalie Gascoigne!

2) I have been called many things by many different people: Francesca, Fran, Franny, Ces, Frankie, Franchunga, Franny-poo, Eff and occasionally, by people who just don’t understand my name even though it is quite common these days, Francisco.

3) I am an ebay binge-bidder. I’ll stay away for a good few months, then go on a bidding binge and pounce like a hungry tiger, hitting several items within a few days. I get palpitations when I’m bidding. It makes me very nervous. My husband is not allowed to be in the room with me, if he comes in, I shout! (Too much information?)

4) I don’t drink enough water.

5) I am into horses at the moment, I love how they look in drawings and pictures but I am actually terrified of them, they’re too big. And I will never get over going for a ride in Guatemala, along a cliff, with a very long drop to the ocean.

6) Though I love all the craft blogs, I am especially addicted to go fug yourself. I can spend far too long in front of that baby.

7) I’m a bit of a scrooge about Christmas, until this year when I made an effort and decorating the tree with my little boy made me weep with joy.

The end.


  1. I love your answers! I have the same problem with water, ebay bidding and crack-smoking :))))

  2. How can it be so difficult to drink enough? I don't drink coffee or tea (or alcohol on daily basis) so I really should drink water... glass after glass. I just can't bring myself to it.

    And I totally understand that no husbands allowed-situation. I have problems with typing correctly if he stands closer than two meters away from me. I just freak out and can't think right :/

    I too think color-stripes is great. One can spend way too much time there...

    Have a nice weekend Francesca!

  3. you gotta love christmas! stuff the presents it's all about taking a time out to spend with your loved one's. bet your tree look's great : )

    I haven't fallen into the ebay trap, etsy is bad enough!

  4. i'm scared of horses too, way too big and scary!

  5. I love Kris's color stripes blog, too.

    and I'm right with you on the eBay stuff.

    I visited your Etsy shop. I am in love with many of your lovely, lovely, creations.


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