Monday, January 21, 2008

Milk bottles

Inspiration is everywhere. I was googling 'milk' (as you do) and came across this lovely site Milk Bottle of the Week. And then another search brought these vintage beauties from

I love everything about these, from the 50's typefaces, to the colours, to the matt print on shiny glass to the bright white of the milk, to shape of the bottles. If I'm not careful, I'll be on ebay later. (Oh dear, after I wrote that I went onto ebay and there are quite a few...but not as beautiful as these thank goodness.)

Anyway, I feel a project coming on.


  1. oh they're gorgeous, i love milk bottles. although they do remind me a bit of being made to drink smelly, warm milk at primary school out of a bottle with a straw!

  2. oh yes, primary school milk...eeuugh! let's just concentrate on the pretty bottles then shall we!

  3. Those are lovely. They remind me of cooldrink bottles you can get here, from local factories, with similarly dated (though not as detailed) logos. I think I'll go find some tomorrow, guzzle the contents, and post some pics!

  4. they looks great! I've never given milk bottles much thought until now!


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