Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Other people's pics

My lovely invisible friend Tif (she of the glorious tea towels, mossy shed and nonsensical ramblings) sent me a lovely pic of my prints in her new home. I've always wanted to see what people have done with my things so thank you Tif.

And while I'm at it, Kaija (of the beautifully bound books and general Finnish quirkiness) has a sweet pic of one of my books on her blog too. I really appreciate people sharing their pics with me.


...Janne (vintage scarf cushions, enviable mid-century ceramic collection) sent me this picture of my Autumn print above her desk. And a very cool desk it is too. Thanks Janne!

The next day...Louise has left her photo link in the comments!


  1. And thank you for the mention ;-)

  2. here is your Autumn print in my hallway at Christmas, with some decorations!

  3. Thanks for your comment earlier this month. Enjoying your blog and visuals too.

  4. well i am delighted to be the owner of some 'nonsensical ramblings'...i do believe i have surpassed myself today.

    i am also delighted to have my 'mantlepiece' a feature on your blog...and how lovely to be on my first visit back into blogland reading...

  5. It's so lovely to see your work in a home. Love the print next to the red telephone!


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