Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Snow revisited

Back in June I was working on a book called "Snow! Snow! Come out in the snow." , based on this book here.

Being June, it wasn't very timely and I was struggling with my style. I never finished it although I always loved the snowflake imagery, so I revisited it recently and it has now become two prints.

The 'grass' is another Susy Jack pattern that I thought was sufficiently snowy when used in the right context, and the text in the print below is from the dictionary. I just looked up the word 'wintry' and it gave me this sample text:

This afternoon we may see some wintry showers (=snow mixed with rain) over higher ground.

And I'm a sucker for brackets/parentheses.

Oh and I was inspired to find the font when I saw it on the Elle deco SA blog on a business card for a gorgeous shop called Casamento.

Both are in the shop.

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  1. these are so beautiful. i love the moose imagery, the patterns and the pastel colours.
    it makes me wish it was snowing here!! :)


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