Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tagged 4 & 5

I was tagged recently by Michelle Moode and then by Janne and while wondering what on earth I was going to tell you this time, I noticed a new tagging game on Sara's blog where instead of revealing facts, she was asked to dump out her bag. So I am stealing this game instead.

It's so unglamourous but I do feel I had to be honest for the sake of the sisterhood and I like that it's not like 'corners of my home' or such like where people have obviously kicked all their ugly trinkets under the bed in favour of a jzujzy piece of vintage danish furniture and a framed Saul Bass poster (I'm mentioning no names) .
Here's what's in my bag:
(Firstly I would like to draw your attention to my new Shinzi Katoh bag that my sister Polly gave me for Christmas. Isn't she grand!)

My purse, my son's mittens, a bracelet I always have to take off because my son won't leave it alone, hair gogos, 1/4 giant cookie, mobile, cheap sunglasses (it was sunny today!), Columbo keyring with keys.

I know that I have probably shattered the myth that I am a glam girl-about-swinging-London-town (which of course I am), but I am also a Columbo-loving, cheap sunglasses wearing mummy.


  1. I used to love Columbo as a kid. It hasn't been on tv for over ten years. I wonder if I could rent it on dvd from somewhere...

  2. Poor Kaija! It is on all the time over here, I'm sure you can get it on dvd!

  3. haha i like the cookie. I always have remnants or crumbs of some sort of food.

  4. thanks for the mention. hope you finished the cookie!!
    p x

  5. Great tag! Looking at the picture, I thought you had some blue socks in there, but it's probably the little mittens you mention. (Don't know why I found that funny - there could very well have been socks in my handbag.)


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