Friday, February 22, 2008

New In

Another 'seasidy' piece inspired by my milk bottles. This is an original piece; paint, pencil and papers on birch plywood.

I'm not sure if the ovals are eggs or pebbles (I will leave that up to you!) but I love the organic shape. Please forgive the title, I know I now have many pieces with 'Sunday' or 'Morning' in the title. My last book was 'In the Morning', I have one called 'Sunday Evenings', there is 'Morning Coffee', and then 'Afternoon Tea'...I'm not very original. But I prefer to call my pieces the first thing that springs to mind than think up something elaborate or pretentious like 'Untitled #3'!

There is also a print called (you've guessed it) Milk bottles. Both are in the shop.


  1. Woww! You have really cool pieces at your shop! If I ever have an euro to spare I know where I can look at!!

  2. Good morning! I noticed you have a new header too :-) I like it very much. Yes, it must be spring cleaning that's going around. Thanks for shortlisting me for the You Make My Day award!

  3. good grief, were we separated at birth? ;)
    re: the phil thing, yes, i too have adored him from the broom cupboard days...i didn't have posters of bands on my wall, i had phil pics!
    and how odd your little bloke's got fused/webbed toes too. are they on both feet? arth's are the
    two next to his big toe. weird.

  4. Lovely. And I think your titles are marvellously evocative. But I do the same thing - keep calling things "Summer" Something!

  5. Love it! :)
    I'm new to your blog and enjoying every bit!

  6. hello, congrats on making the front page of etsy. Your work is beautiful!


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