Thursday, February 07, 2008

Now we're grown up

I have a new card collection in the shop called 'Now we're grown up'.

I was working on some 'occasions' cards recently and I was wondering how I could make them into a set for etsy. Then it occurred to me that they are very much linked; they all mark very grown up occasions...supposedly.

So here they are; one new baby card, one wedding card and two moving home cards:

Washing Line




p.s. lovely article about Rob Ryan here. Thanks P for forwarding. And I did not imagine him looking like that!


  1. beautiful, i shall be ordering aplenty....

  2. Love that rabbit pegged up by the ear... g

  3. Oh, these cards are lovely! And thanks so much for the link to the Rob Ryan article. Always great to read about people who you admire who are just people like you!

  4. nice and beautiful idea(s)…

  5. I love love the birdhouses x

  6. ohhhh, just read the rob ryan article, what a great read! and you are so right, i did *not* imagine him looking like that!
    your cards, as always, are marvellous. i know you probably are thinking 'if she likes my stuff so much, why doesn't she buy something?' well, one day soon, when i've moved into my dream home (by christmas, fingers crossed, renovation plans being drawn up this week) i shall have a budget for art...and then i shall go shopping to nab myself some birdie goodies...i can't bloody wait!

  7. lovely idea...all of them look a treat but i do like the bird houses...i am into birds at the moment (that sounds so silly and obvious) but it's more to do with hanging a bird feeder out and seeing them everyday just doing their thing (albeit they are now tinted green)...don't you wish someone would make attractive birdhouses just like the ones you've come up put on trees in the garden..

    have a lovely weekend, Tif x

  8. I love the house card, now who do I know that is moving soon hhmmmmmmm?
    Funny I was looking at a Rob Ryan print only today.
    Mandy :)


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