Saturday, February 09, 2008

Some thank yous

Just a little thank you to Bloesem and Print Pattern, who both picked products of mine on their dawanda pinboards.

You can see all the picks
here and here. And to top it off they are also part of one of Bloesem's 'special reads' which I always look forward to, so you can find out more about all of the dawanda artists she chose here.

It means such a lot to have been chosen by these two powerhouses of style and influence! Thank you!

p.s whenever I have a little ebay flutter, I often refer to this Bloesem 'weekend read' for inspiration.

Happy weekending!


  1. i know it's usually i before e except after c, but aren't there some where it doesn't work like with 'receive'?
    ah, i dunno, just when you think you've got it covered, someone moves the goalposts...

  2. oh my god i'm going bonkers...i'd forgotten there was a 'c' in receive. dur. just shoot me, i'm seriously rubbish without a spell checker.


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