Saturday, February 16, 2008

The story of my typewriter

(no, I'm not working for them, I'm just a fan!)

But nothing beats the real thing. Here is my college typewriter.

I used to do a lot of stuff on it, but you have to hit the keys very hard and sometimes they don't quite cover the ribbon, so the top of the letters are cut off. (I did not, I hasten to add, type my dissertation on this old thing.)

However it still makes... my opinion and someone else has become very interested in it now.

Here is a lovely book by Paul Auster and Sam Messer,
The Story of My Typewriter.


  1. Oh my goodness, look how grown uo Isi is. Gorgeous!

  2. What a cool site! Thanks for the top type tip.

  3. it is my favorite font too :) and i know why, it conjures up a 'nostalgic' time when life was about letter writing and things were more personal...i've enjoyed my visit as usual ;)

  4. ah, beautiful blue typewriters....

    I'm finally adding some links from my (somewhat neglected) blog.

    it's a start!!

    best, michelle.

  5. What a beautiful typewriter. Typewriter letters will never go out of style.


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