Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You make my day!

I can’t do it! Sweet Katrine of Kandi-blog awarded me the You Make My Day award. It's lovely to know that someone (...anyone!) is logging on and checking out what I have to show or say. I recommend her blog and shop, her prints are really etherial and quirky, she's a talent.

So, I tried and I tried and I couldn’t whittle down my list to 5…I could do about 7 or I could do just 1 so I thought I would just do 1 as that was obvious to me:

Dottie Angel
If she doesn’t post, I don’t get out of bed in the morning…what’s the point? (Yes I stayed in bed all week last week and I'm about to stay in bed till the 3rd March as she is taking a blog break!) She’s a hoot, very talented and great cyber pal. Tif, you make my day!

These others were on my shortlist:

Skinny LaMinx - such a doll and an amazing designer.
Sissi Minanaa – lovely visuals.
HappySilly – quirky and sweet and doesn’t know how good she is (and teaching me Swedish – puss och kram!).
Paperiaarre – great bookmaker, lovely lady.
A Cup of Joe – a new discovery. I need to move her from my ‘blogs’ folder to my ‘favourite blogs’ folder immediately.
So-Sage – They don’t post often but when they do…
Bloesem – ‘nuff said.
Essimar – wonderful shop too.
Fine little day - so stylish it hurts.
Camilla Engman – say no more.
Blu-shed – an etsy dynamo and a funny lady.
What’s blogging my view - I seethe with envy when she post pics of her ceramic collection and she's a great cyber pal.
Kris’s Color-stripes – addictive!
66 Stitches – she got me into this mess, she’s so talented and if she doesn’t open a shop and start selling her creations, P and I are going to do it for her!

You see what I mean. I have 28 blogs in my 'favourites' folder and 59 in my ‘blogs’ folder. It’s not easy!


  1. oh yes, thank you Francesca!
    And thank you too, I just discover Dottie's blog, I love it!

  2. and you have just made mine...that's about the nicest thing anyone has said about little old me and i thank you kindly for those words...

    Tif x

  3. thank you so much. i am so flattered! :) xoxo joanna

  4. Aww. Thanks so much Francesca! You definitely made my day. It's been a long and uneventful day, packing and painting. Tomorrow will be the same, with the lovely addition of window washing. I'm so glad that this will soon be over :)

  5. Thank you lovely Fran. What an treat to be mentioned. My beloved has now said he's going to set me some KPI's for etsy.....so it looks like I will have to open that shop. xoxoxo

  6. i have no idea what KPIs are but yay none the less!

  7. It's been great to find your blog. The best discovery of the week, with so much inspiring art (oh those illustrations...) and a bunch of amazing links.

  8. awww...thanks, you lovely laydee.
    i'm right honoured to be on your 'nearly but not quite' list and to cap it all some FAB links...time to update by own bloglist methinks ;)
    btw, i have no idea why you're not seeing my pic, but don't worry it's very dull. glad i made you giggle with my hellish arth story...what is it with 2 yr olds anyway?

  9. Oh, thank you! We seem to share lots of favourites! What a lovely post.

  10. Great choices, beautiful bloggers!I really understand you had trouble choosing just five..! And thanks for the nice words too.

  11. I have so enjoyed dottie angel! What a lovely remommendation!


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