Friday, February 29, 2008

Youtube loveliness

I absolutely loved this clip, it made me goose-pimply all over (as Marilyn once said). If you like it, this one is great too. Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. i like how in the uk version, everyone walked around in awe, recording, being amazed, and reserved then in the grand central station one the guy pokes the girl to see if she's real!
    really brilliant.

  2. ryc: You are just the CUTEST gal in the ENTIRE world--- I'm movin in!! :)

  3. OMG! my daughter was in London on that date! trying really hard to see if she was there!! (although I suppose she would have mentioned something as bizzare as that!)
    cool! thanks
    kath aRe

  4. This is SO tantalising!
    I love it too because, working in France, I rarely get to London, the city of my birth. It was a joy to watch: the light, the long shadows.
    I wish I knew what it was all about. The comments you've received make it even more mysterious.
    Anyone care to enlighten me, please?

  5. Hi Chrissy, I think this grew out of a facebook group. Hundreds of people agreed to meet in Trafalgar Square to freeze in time at exactly 3.30pm. The only people still moving are the tourists, wondering what on earth is going on.
    It may have been influenced by the group 'Improv Everywhere' who did the Grand Central Station version.

    It's such a wonderful idea, I wish I could've been part of it.

  6. Amazing! I'm so pleased to know this.
    And thank you for explaining this marvellous idea.

  7. Oh how crazy! I have never seen anything like that! Thanks for sharing


  8. Wow, nifty. I like the way that when they all finish the still people all the standing still because they are recording the movement on their cameras and phones - a complete switch around.

    I hope you all manage to save your post office, we have a lot of closures up here too (in fact, my old bedroom used to BE a post office!, had it's own front door and stairs to the main house).

    And because I'll be busy next week, allow me to wish you a very happy anniversary! Your book pages are wonderful and such a lovely way to mark the passage of the years in a really personal way.

  9. Thanks for posting that: I found it strangely moving (must be my time of the month...) :-)

  10. me too. we were transfixed.

  11. yeah i think the NY one os more effective, plus the comments are really funny. i have no idea how they all manage to stay still for so long without giggling though - i'd have a severe case of the giggling in school assembly if i did it!

  12. i know, i would've lasted 5 seconds.

  13. I love this. Great concept!


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