Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Coincidence? I think not.

A week or so ago my friend Tif sent me these lovely napkins after she was thrift store shopping (can I say that with an English accent?) and thought of me.

Today, I opened a packet from Australia, a gift from Judy from Naughty Agapanthus. She had bought a print from me and accidentally torn it when my address sticker got stuck to the print. So I sent her another and she sent me this -

Both floral...both orange...schpooky!

Needless to say, I love them both. And I promise I'm not going to drone on about camaraderie again but I mean...really!

Tif is going to be re-stocking her shop soon and Judy's is overflowing with many lovely bags in some gorgeous fabrics.


  1. i'm telling you dearest Fran, they were a 'tough parcel' to post ;) but i knew they would be perfect for you...

    so glad you like them...

    oooh and the bit about the shop opening soon...well i am trying but it's not happening very quickly i'm afraid...been a little distracted by Gladys and Vern lately :)

  2. haha! lol with your rosemary and thyme confession...isn't it totally ridiculous? i mean, how many dead bodies can two gardeners find? but then i wouldn't want to be a relative or friend of jessica fletchers...you either get banged up for a murder you didn't commit, or get murdered yourself ;) at least columbo is slightly more believable what with being a homicide detective and all...anyway, off to catch the end of R & T, and probably golden balls too. oh god, my life is SO tragic.

  3. They're a great match. And I love the way you've shown them - polaroid stylee.
    Have a good weekend!


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