Friday, March 28, 2008

Random Friday things

In case you were wondering, here's what I did with one of my essimar cards. I may yet frame others together, I would quite like them in every room!

Elisabeth took some lovely shots of her little boy's room recently. Here is a wall in my little boy's room. Before it was his room, it was a lovely big study, with some great pictures on the wall. And while his pictures and posters are taking over (and rightly so), I just can't bring myself to take down the old ones. So The Tiger Who Came To Tea lives very happily next to Woody Allen.

Peas & Pods wallpaper.

More peas, pods and seeds works in progress coming next week. Have a lovely weekend all.


  1. 'The Tiger who came to tea' is one my favourite books, and I always tell it in english when the kids ask it for the bedtime story - they really enjoy when they recognize this word Tiger = Tigre in french.

  2. hey
    thanks heaps for the link!
    i know i shouldnt knock living on the beach but i really long to travel everywhere and experience different things. it's hard being really isolated from everything. i love your blog, thanks for lettin us all know about the art by Essimar- its awsome.

  3. Great photo's and lovely new prints and patterns you are making : )

    Thanks for your comment, I am feeling more positive. It is a means to an end and will hopefully get me one step closer to doing what I really want!


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