Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring shapes and colours

Always thinking about these shapes. Eggs. circles. There is something so 'spring' about them.

Whenever I cut out a shape, I never like to discard the remnants. Maybe because in drawing classes we were always taught that the negative space was just as important as the object itself, and we often did sessions where that's all we drew. I always found this helped my drawing and sense of perspective a lot. The shapes above are all remnants but I think they're just as lovely as the shapes I originally cut out of them.


  1. just out of did the mouse manage to get stuck to some gaffer tape? ours came to a sticky end, though less literally...sam stamped on it. isn't that awful? i was overwhelmed by relief and then wracked with guilt. he's used to killing things like that though...when he's combining in the fields sometimes animals get caught in the blades and rather than let them suffer he puts them out of their misery. who knew farming was so murderous?

  2. oh, yeah, sorry about that...lovely, beautiful spring shapes and not a dead mouse in sight. (is that better?)

  3. you too my lovely, have a good ' between our ridiculous conversation i've been writing out my annual easter egg hunt clues...

  4. ah yes, i'm with you on this one, i always save see-thru bags from cards and things to store my "i WILL use it one day' collection of disgarded bits prom papercuts and stencils" and i swear i will use them.

    they used to go into my collages, but until i'm back living in a livable workable house i'm resisting the urge to get them out... what a grand mess i can make in minutes by playing with them. who needs playstation when you can have bits scraps of chopped paper :0)

    love your greenhouse in the next post up, seedling and pod are such great words, bursting with potential.


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