Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Artist Shout-Out - Amanda Blake

mary prepares colin for his journey into the snowy night no. 2

Just when you think you've seen all the amazing artists that etsy and blogland have to give, and everything starts to look a little similar, someone jumps out and knocks you down with their talent. That's what happened when I was flitting around etsy and happened upon Amanda Blake.

I was utterly bewitched by her paintings,
there is something ethereal about them, something secretive and intriguing about their stories. Lovely, peculiar characters and titles that just draw you in even more. This one is called The Winchester Children Always Wanted to Join The Circus.

She also uses a lot of my favourite themes; snow, starry nights and old family photos. I really am in love. (Could you tell?!)

vincent and francis navigate by the stars

What is it with Portland, Oregon? Does it just breed amazing artists or do talented people flock there? A bit of both I think.

beth and adeline on the edge of a poppy field

Alas, my favourite piece (below) has already been sold, but I don't think I will be able to stop myself buying another. Sometimes it's just worth it.

Visit Amanda's blog to see her available work, and her etsy shop is here. (Thanks to Amanda for letting me use her images.)

18 people and the objects they hold most dear


  1. beautiful, beautiful and i love the names she has given them...
    thanks for sharing, it's something else to wish for...

  2. Hello,

    I am also a big fan! I was lucky enough to discover her at a local art fair a few years back and bought a little painting of a poppy field... I have been a dedicated follower of her work ever since!

    I moved to Spokane, WA from Portland and went to art school there... it's true the place is humming with a fabulous art scene and it really is so inspiring. I get back as often as I can.

    Your work is beautiful... just discovered your blog through Jezzeblog (I bought something from her etsy shop.)... Love your books!

    Happy days,

  3. THanks for introducing me to such wonderful artist. That last painting is magical!

  4. Just found your blog through esti
    I am enjoying this !
    I LOVE Amanda
    She is amazing
    Thanks !

  5. these are gorgeous francesca...i love her titles too, really poignant (sp?)
    re: linda solovich...i too laughed like a drain at the sam fox school of art...i nearly put in a funny reference to it but didn't want to offend linda with thoughts of boobies, but i tell you, it was a struggle not to!

  6. thank you all so much, too kind.

  7. Amanda Blakes work is just great, thanks!


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