Monday, April 07, 2008

My weekend (or just an excuse to talk about cake)

Henri Matisse - Red Room (Harmony in Red) 1908

Had a lovely weekend. I finally managed to see From Russia at the Royal Academy with my friend Rosie (we call it Art Club but it is usually just an excuse to taste the cake at the many London galleries). It was Friday evening so the queue wasn't coming all the way through the courtyard and down Piccadilly, like the last time I tried to go. And it was worth the wait, if only for the wow factor of walking through a door and being confronted by the enormous The Dance, which positively vibrates with a colour that no reproduction can do justice to. But even more special was seeing one of my favourite Matisse paintings, Red Room (above).

It was an amazing treat and privilege to be able to get right up close and the see the brush strokes and layers of paint and how rich the colours are.

Then on Sunday, a decidedly snowy visit to Columbia Road Market with my sister, where we fought over a Rob Ryan poster and bought a wedding present for a friend. We then had the best tea and cake I've had in a while (made more delicious I'm sure by how chilly it was outside and how warm and cakey it was inside) at Vintage Heaven, a vintage all-sorts/tea shop (above).

If you are planning a trip to London I can't recommend Columbia Road enough; great shops, great flowers and great cake. And you can't say fairer than that!


  1. thanks for a lovely morning - glad we both got a poster (and a plastic bag)! mmmmmmmmm cake!!

  2. I love that Matisse painting. Yes soon now, just another week or two (hope not)...thanks for your sweet comments.

  3. How lucky you are to have been able to see all of these paintings. I browsed the art online at the museum site.

    Bakst's "Portrait of Sergei Diaghilev with His Nanny" makes one wonder why a man of that age would be painted with his nanny...the painting didn't seem very evocative of warm feelings for one another.

    Malyavin's "Dancing Peasant Woman" is so full of movement. Nice.

    I especially like Serov's "Ida Rubinstein". Cold and sort of sad.

  4. Really enjoying my first visit to this much to look at and all of it so interesting. The description of that cake is mouth-watering....

    The one and only time I enjoyed seeing many Matisse paintings up close and personal was when I went to see the Barnes Collection when it came to town, way back in the 1990's. Matisse's "The Piano Lesson" remains one of my favourite paintings of all time, to this day.


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