Monday, May 05, 2008

Bloesem's world tour

Morning! Just a flying visit to say that if you pop over to Bloesem today, Irene is kicking off this week's 'world tour' with my guest post about London. I hope you enjoy it.

In other news I have 3 new stockists...My Messy Room in Sydney, Australia, Of Cabbages & Kings, London and Minor Mail, UK online. Thanks all.


  1. Hey, great stuff on Bloesem today! I was actually going to ask you about some London tips as I'm probably going there again soon :-) Feel free to mail me if you've got more.

    Congratulations on your new stockists!

  2. Loved your post - your tips will be tucked into my luggage in just two weeks, and big congrats on the new stockists too!

  3. that's great lady - congrats!

  4. Loved your post Fran & congratulations on your new wholesalers


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