Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hej! I'm back from my Scandinavian extravaganza and loved every minute. Got a good mix of culture, beach, breathtaking scenery, shopping, and the many playgrounds of Denmark and Sweden.

Here's my boy loving the Kay Bojesen monkeys at the Living Wood exhibition at the Danish Design Centre, Copenhagen.

Gorgeous shapes and colours at the playground.

Around Mollösund, Sweden's oldest fishing village.

Some colourful purchases, including a pouch by Li at Liebling, Malmo.

Ben assessing the height...and his nerve.

There are a few more pics here and I'll be back with more news soon.

Good to be home.


  1. beautiful - can't wait to see the rest of the pics and hear all about it. glad to have u back.

  2. What beautiful colours and scenery & great purchases also
    M x

  3. yes! thank you for sharing!
    I'd like to discover these countries too!

  4. good to have you home young missy!
    photos look off for a gander :) x

  5. I must say Denmark is a dream destination of mine. Hope it comes true one day. I believe the coffee is excellent!

  6. I love those wooden monkeys your son is playing with! There used to be one in the window of an office on waterloo bridge, I always wondered where it had come from.

  7. so happy that your trip turned out to be a good one. sorry we missed each other! Li said that your was such a sweet person. Trying to work a bit when baby and man is out but I can´t just popping around on blogs. But now my cup of tea is ready and I have to...//SAra


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