Friday, June 27, 2008

Quick reminder

Just a reminder about the 3rd East London Craft Guerrilla craft market held in the garden of Beautiful Interiors, in the rather chichi Walthamstow Village, this Saturday between 10 - 5.30.

That's me manning my stall in the garden last month. I had a lovely day, it’s a really sweet little market run by the friendliest folk. I met some lovely people, including two fellow etsyans - Lucy from Lottie Frank who I'd been a fan of for a while, and Louise from Battenberg - which made the day.

I won't be there this month but they will be, along with a few others so if you are in the area, pop along. There are a couple of lovely places for brunch nearby.


  1. ok, this is proof that we live in the tiniest world EVER. i know louise from battenberg, i'm friends with her mum, annette. say hi to her for me!

  2. no, not the same town, but i've known her mum for years, because she's a very talented quilter (quite famous in the quilting world) and so is my mum. we used to have a shop selling fabric and annette used to do classes and things. i've actually only met louise once lat year at her ma and pa's wedding anniversary party...we yapped about etsy and the like, and you're right, she's lovely!

  3. damn I KEEP missing them, is it expensive to have a stall there?

  4. thats funny my friend katie (cheeky leopard bags) did this craft show too!


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