Friday, July 18, 2008

Farewell elle deco, hello new ideas

I'm currently clearing out my Elle Deco collection for the sake of creating more bookshelf space...for actual books. It's a bit of a wrench but also kind of a relief. Of course I'm going through each one with a fine tooth comb and tearing out all the best houses and inspiring pictures, and I came across this beauty; the Nicole Farhi Home glass collection.

I love how transparent coloured glass turns a different shade when it's inside/behind/in front of another colour. So I've been playing with my own, soon to be some new prints, I hope.

Have a lovely weekend all.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, you clever thing. (I've clipped that pic too - it's gorgeous).
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Ooh! I used to love doing this when I had corel draw, it is just soooo pleasing having layers of colour! I currently have a few darkroom filters (varying shades of magentas)stuck to my velux window to recreate this idea.
    Also, thought you might like this:

  3. At least you can save a scrap book of the very best pics.

    I always love it when you see big collections of magazines, in peoples homes, but to be realistic, I always felt a bit of a loon making the movers carry stacks of them out of one home and into another!

    So don't mourn their demise too long : )

  4. i have recently had a big clear out of my elle decos, i felt a strange hole in my tummy for a little while, but it went pretty quickly when i realised how much space they were taking up!
    am loving these new pieces by the way, marvellous. but then i love everything you do, so no surprises there ;)
    re: transport museum, that's a totally BRILLIANT idea, will go on our next trip. it's right near covent garden if my memory that right? we're due a trip to the big smoke, my brother has just moved there and he wants visitors! have just found out that he's seconds away from 'the make lounge' so that needs a visit too!


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