Thursday, July 10, 2008

Migrating birdie

Call me Crazy with a capital 'C' but I am packing up my goods and moving to a brand new etsy shop called mrs eliot books. This is just so everything is streamlined under one name and because you can't change those wretched usernames when you sign up.

I've been thinking about it for too long so I may as well get it over and done with. It's hard making the decision to leave all my lovely feedback, all my hearts and all my sales but it's now or never.

It'll take a little while to get everything uploaded so at the moment I have two shops. When everything's done I'll be emptying birdie (boo-hoo) and just leaving it there to direct people over to mrs eliot books.
Anyway, I have just added a couple of original works to the new shop which has been long over-due:

Milk Bottles
(24cm x 18cm paper, paint and pencil on birch ply)

There's Quite a Wind Today
(24cm x 18cm paper, paint and pencil on birch ply)


  1. beautiful.
    i'm sure you'll have hearts and positive feedback aplenty very soon!

  2. Hello!! your blog is so beautifull. very very sweet. you have really good works.



  3. I think it sounds like a good decision. I love the milk bottles! x


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