Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New in

Here’s something new for me, my first naming day triptych for a new baby or a special birthday. You can choose the bear or the doll and of course, the name. It's paper collage on birch ply and you might spot my 'playground pattern' as the wallpaper. It's in my etsy shop and my dawanda shop now.

Thank you to Jenny from Indie Quarter who gave me a mention in her great blog today.


  1. Great idea, I love the shape of the elephant... he looks like a toy elephant I have called Albert!

  2. hi louise, the elephant and cat are based on little homemade vintage toys. ben has a cat just like this from when he was a ittle boy!

  3. oh my god, that's beautiful. let's hope some of my friends pop babies out soon!!

  4. They are really lovely!

  5. These are beautiful Francesca. I love the little elephant holding up the books.

    Is that a Mog picture framed in the background?


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