Thursday, July 31, 2008

Off on my hols again

I'm off to Italy on Saturday for a week. When I get back I'm doing a mini exhibition at this fantastic shop Of Cabbages & Kings just off Stoke Newington Church Street. It's such a sweet little space with a really lovely selection of stuff. I'll give you more info when I get back.

A HUGE thank you to Elizabeth from Dawanda who, after reading my post about not being able to change my etsy user/shop name, emailed me to say I could on dawanda! So I have! And I was able to keep my shop and all my history. I'm so pleased. Thanks dawanda!

You know how I get inspired by the most random things? I dropped some elastic bands on the floor the other day...

Have a lovely week all!


  1. That shop looks so pretty. I am going to head over to your neck of the woods at the weekend to have a poke around.

    Have a lovely time in Italy!

  2. hee hee you're funny. quite reminiscent of the olympic rings too....
    lovely shop by the way, will try and stop by

  3. hey francesca, your little books are ace and your blog very purdy.
    keep up the great work!

  4. thanks for your comment and encouragement francesca. the blogging world is very new to me, i can't believe this very interesting phenomena was under my radar until recently!

    have a great weekend...

  5. I have seen the sign for cabbages and kings but never had the time to pop in... now I'm going to make the time!


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