Monday, July 14, 2008

Randon Monday Things

Just because.

In case you missed it, here's Faythe Levine's interview on Poppytalk. Faythe is the creator and director of Handmade Nation, a documentary about the rise of the indie craft scene. I love how she describes the new wave of craft:

"My personal definition of the “new wave of craft” is a movement of people who have an interest in the handmade and doing things themselves. A generation of creatively motivated people who want to reclaim their lives and lay the foundation for their future with a progressive, supportive network of like-minded people. A community that is not so concerned with defining what falls under the labels of craft and art is but more interested in the act of creating and making work, often repurposing and regurgitation old ideas and methods, making them their own."

I've posted this before but here's an updated clip in case you haven't seen it:


  1. Thanks for posting the inspiring clip, and I love the funny construction thingy too.

  2. Thanks for the inspirational film. I'm going to my sewing machine right away! And congrats on getting the lovely 'Sill' lidded pot from Almedahls... You're ahead of me there ;-)

  3. loved this ; )

    England is still a bit behind though!

  4. Me again, but with bad news - you didn't win the draw for the Heath Ceramics bag. Boo hoo, and terribly sorry, but thanks so much for entering!


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